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1 Hour Session

Bridging the gap between
health, fitness, & wellbeing
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DNA Fitness is Devoted
Our mission is to introduce a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and well-being to kids and adults of all ages. We offer a comprehensive approach to building awareness about healthy lifestyles for a healthier community. We accomplish this by integrating information on maintaining a healthy body with developing a highly nutritious diet. We design personal, group, team sport, and school environment programs. With more than two decades of fitness experience, we are more than personal trainers.We are a group of individuals committed to improving access to a lifetime of healthy living.

America's Report Card on Health: C-

In 2010, Forbes.com identified America's Most Obese Cities and two southern California cities were in the top 20! As childhood obesity rates soar and kids spend more time sitting in front of their computers than playing outdoors, diabetes and other weight-related illnesses are on the rise. But physical health isn’t the only thing at stake. According to a study by the California Department of Education, a child's fitness may also affect their performance in school. The study found that children with high levels of physical activity had greater academic achievement with benefits most evident in math scores. Our goal is to improve those numbers! Through DNA Fitness programs students learn about the importance of developing motor skills, understanding fitness goals according to governmental standards, and incorporating appropriate physical activity for a lifetime of healthy living.

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